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Trazo Meadery

Honey Wine. Sounds sweet, right? We love to explore the greater Nashville area and found this sweet surprise while visiting Clarksville. Trao Meadery is downtown Clarksville. 

One of the first questions I had was: what is honey mead? Well thanks to their website this is what I found out: 

“Simply put, mead is an alcoholic drink similar to wine – made from honey instead of grapes. Mead has a very rich and storied history and is considered the original alcohol. At Trazo Mead, we specialize in “show mead” which is a mead made from honey, yeast, and water, with no extra spices, alcohols, or flavors blended in.”


Trazo is the FIRST meadery in Tennessee! From their website: “By using water harvested at a nearby limestone spring found deep in the woods of Montgomery County TN, we began experimenting with brewing the perfect mead. After much experimentation, David hit upon the perfect combination of honey, water, and yeast. His first successful batch won a gold medal from the Tennessee Viticultural and Oenological Society.”

I sampled a flight of blueberry acai, peach mango, strawberry lime, and apple. They are like adult juice box beverages. My friend got the strawberry lemonade that we all wanted to take home in a growler. For an appetizer I got the balsamic & prosciutto bruschetta:  toasted bread topped with a curated mixture of truffle pecorino and cheddar cheeses and savory prosciutto. Finished with a balsamic glaze and basil leaves. Served with roasted sun-dried tomato pesto. It was amazing!! I highly recommend it. 

Kids and pets are welcome at Trazo Meadery! 

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so plan ahead. Enjoy!!