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Window of Love - feed kids bellies and minds

Upon seeing a need and called of God to meet that need Samaria in North Nashville literally opened the window of her home to shower love on the kids in her community.
After the tornado and shortly thereafter the shutdown of the schools due to Covid early in 2020 Samaria saw that the kids in her neighborhood needed food for the belly and food for the mind.

So she began providing lunch from the window of her home and provided incentives for the kids to read books.
This lead to more opportunities with the kids to share with her. Samaria has such a heart for these kids. She is their cheerleader, coach and friend.
There is no charge to the kids or families for the food, books, incentives and gifts.

If you feel inclined to donate money, food, toys, time or talents please reach out to Samaria at 615-919-2067.
Samaria is exactly the kind of person Nashville Neighbors is all about. People like her who make this city the best place to live. She is a hero without a cape.

Thank you, Window of Love Nashville for taking time to share with us what you are doing and your vision for the future. God bless. Charlie and I will be back to visit!!