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The Power of a Good Light Fixture

As a realtor I see many homes. It never ceases to amaze me the impact a great lighting fixture can make in a home to a potential buyer.  Lighting is THE #1 component to aging a home (updating paint and carpet/flooring are fundamental so I’m not including those). 

I’m going to share some points to consider in choosing a light fixture, show you a few examples and share the locations of some wonderful lighting shops around Nashville.

I would encourage you when designing or remodeling a space to put lighting design toward the top of your list.  

When looking at design and function keep these 3 points in mind: 

Size & Proportion

The size of the light fixture should be in proportion to the space it is occupying. When you walk into a two story foyer the hanging light fixture should fill that huge, open space. I have been in MANY homes, even luxury homes, who get the size of this light fixture wrong. The foyer is the first impression guests have of the interior of your home. This is a great opportunity to make a big impact. 

In contrast, when lighting a great room or over-sized bonus room the space may be better suited to several floor lamps instead of one large lighting fixture. One  large fixture will not light the room evenly or give the space the warmth you are likely seeking. 


Materials such as iron, tin, glass, bamboo, wicker, industrial metal, linen, or combination of materials can dramatically change the look and feel of a whole room. Have fun when choosing your texture or material of your light fixtures.  Don’t be afraid to make lighting the focal point of the room. Plus, updating a main light fixture is cheap way to bring a space up to date. 


Form vs function. Lighting can either be for function only. For example in the kitchen you will have more canned lights because the function in that area is more task oriented and a well lite space is important. Conversely, the lighting in your bathroom or bedroom may be more form oriented with indirect or back lite as to create a more calming atmosphere.  Hallways would be made magical with sconce lighting as the light is directed to a specific area while still providing general warmth especially in the evening. 

Great Lighting Shops Around Nashville

See list below for a great shop near you. Map pins will show you the location of where they are in the Nashville area. 
  1. Hermitage Design (SoBro)
  2. Tennessee Lighting (Wedgewood-Houston)
  3. Circa Lighting (Wedgewood-Houston)
  4. Dyna-Brite Lighting (Wedgewood-Houston)
  5. Preservation Station (12 South)
  6. Ferguson Kitchen, Bath & LIghting (greater Nashville)
  7. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (greater Nashville)
  8. Ironware International (greater Nashville)
  9. Southern Lights Electric (greater Nashville)
  10. Lumen, Lamps & Shades (greater Nashville)
  11. Epiphany Design Studio (greater Nashville)
  12. PDI Kitchen, Bath, & Lighting Showroom (greater Nashville)